Toddler on a plane

by @elleandlaine

We recently took a family vacation to Disney World. Given our road trip history we decided it would be best to fly, so off we went into the wild blue headed to Orlando. Backing up a bit, Laine is three and pretty much a potty pro but still has some issues staying dry during nap and through the night. This flight was a two hour flight and I thought we would be fine in our normal wardrobe routine until Laine fell asleep…yes, as you might have guessed IT happened! About 45 min. to landing time I get a tap on my shoulder from the man sitting behind me, “excuse me, but there is water dripping from the seat”. Little did he know that was not water, but we‘ll go with that. Thank goodness the seats were leather and I could wipe it up with wet wipes, then I grabbed the backup outfit from my bag and changed her right there and this time put her in a pull-up diaper. The man never said anything else and our flight landed with no further incidents. Note to self, when traveling with a potty newbie; make sure to revert back to a diaper to cover accidents in off moments like this one.