Back to School

by @elleandlaine

Back to school

So you know your at a low point when a grocery store clerk asks if your excited about school starting back up and you start to tear up. Yes, this was me earlier today while attempting to gather up supplies for the start of Elle’s second grade year. The very thought of back to school gives me hives! As a full time working mommy of two summer is always easier. Yes, summer has its challenges as just because school’s out for summer, the corporate world dose not take a break, but the school year/work combo is rough. Mom guilt goes into overdrive when the requests for room mom come out, PTO meetings happen on weekday mornings, or when the school calls to come pick up your kid and the first thought is, can I leave the office, maybe grandma could pick her up or take the replacement pair of shoes up, or could husband get away from work. So back to the grocery store clerk who triggered this thought provoking post, well, as I was standing there with other mommies who most likely would answer yes to this question, I just smiled and said yep, sure am. No sense in inflicting my rant on this poor unsuspecting store clerk. This momma’s hearts desire is to be a stay at home mom…the idea of this is overwhelming and can be all consuming but for now my role is working mommy. It’s a balance for sure and important to prioritize. My girls come first, even if that means the mood changes at the office…on one side you have the mom guilt and peer pressure from other moms when you can’t volunteer or participate in everything that comes up, get your kids to after school activities, etc., and then on the other side you have the pressure to perform at work, be available, a team player. The two sides don’t seem to ever be able to marry up. For now I pray. Pray for ease of schedules, flexibility, strength, and humor to be able to roll with it.