Magnolia Inspired Playhouse

by @elleandlaine

Four months and who knows how many hours of labor…our Magnolia inspired playhouse is finally done! The idea to attempt building a playhouse came when husband brought home a truckload of discarded wood pallets. While our intention was to repurpose these pallets, we found limited sturdy pieces that we incorporated where possible.

First up was the footprint and framing. We did not have a blueprint other than a sketch husband put together.

Here’s our handyman!

It’s HOT in Texas so we vented the walls by spacing the boards about and inch and a half apart to keep air moving (I stashed a fan in there as well). Also, the roof is a plastic type material and not tin as it may appear.

Putting the walls up was a two person job and that’s when I was recruited to help build this little house. I had no idea what I was getting into! #forthekids #onlylittleonce

With the addition of my go to Jo Jo paint color (alabaster white) and the deck this little house started to take shape.

The window frames needed a little pop of color so the gauntlet gray color was added, along with french gray floor inside the house.

Our last step was adding stain to the deck and we built a little shelf for storage inside the house. While this project took way longer than expected we can’t be happier with how it turned out.

Next phase of the project is a little landscaping, lighting, and accessory shopping! Stay tuned!